Neighbourhood Plan
Neighbourhood Plan


Including Bangors, Helscott, Millook, Tregole,

Treskinnick Cross, Trewint & Widemouth Bay


What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a new type of community led plan ‘The Neighbourhood Development Plan’. Under the Localism Act Parish and Town Councils can write a NDP for their area giving the local community a chance to create a vision and planning policies for the use and development of land in the parish or neighbourhood. It is an exciting opportunity for communities to become directly involved in planning policy.

1. Poundstock Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation.

2. Poundstock Neighbourhood Plan Area Map.

Where does the Neighbourhood Development Plan fit in?

  • National Policy: National Planning Policy Framework
  • Cornwall Policy: Cornwall Local Plan
  • Parish Policy: Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP) can set out local level planning policies for the area, shaping future development. Once the plan is made, it will become part of the Local Development Framework, and will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Subject to conforming to National Planning Policies, the Cornwall Local Plan strategic policies, an independent examination and gaining support through a referendum of residents, this plan will be adopted as a formal planning policy by Cornwall Council. Once adopted this means that planning decisions in Poundstock will have to be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Who prepares the Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Poundstock Parish Council has formed a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Steering Group consists of Parish Councillors, community representatives and business owners who meet on a monthly basis reporting directly to the Parish Council.

What Stage has the Neighbourhood Development Plan Reached?

The Steering Group has created three sub-groups to consider key areas: Landscape and Environment, Amenities, and Industry and Development.

The Landscape and Environment sub-group has looked particularly at the landscape of the parish and those parts which are significant from an environmental, topographical or historical point of view and which should be taken into account in looking at how the parish should be maintained and developed.

The Amenities sub-group has looked at a wide range of facilities around the parish, including road traffic control, pavements and pedestrian safety, waste disposal, cycle tracks, public toilets, car parks, street lighting and so on.

The Industry and Development sub-group has looked at potential locations for new housing in the parish. The parish has been given a target by the Government to approve the building of a certain number of houses which, taking into account those sites where permission has been granted or is pending, means the current target is 12 further houses. It is worth noting that this is a Government minimum target. Three areas have initially been identified by the Steering Group as being suitable for possible further building: Widemouth Bay, Bangors and Treskinnick Cross. It is important to note that at this stage these are simply suggested areas for consideration. You are welcome to propose other sites, instead of or in additions to these areas, within the parish.

All the sub-groups have held public events to explain what they have been considering. Both the Amenities and the Development and Industry groups held events on the 5 October at Widemouth Manor, the Landscape and Environment group having held theirs earlier in the summer.

At these events members of the public were invited to make their views known. Questionnaires have been produced to elicit responses to a number of questions about the parish in order to help each sub-group understand public views. Copies of these questionnaires are available at the Beach House, Widemouth Bay cafe and Cornish Coats until the end of November. If you have not already done so please do complete the questionnaires and, if you can, encourage others to do so. It is important that the Steering Group receives as much feedback as possible so the the Neighbourhood Development Plan is representative of the whole parish and not just a minority of views.

After November the Steering Group will start preparing a draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan taking into account, insofar as possible, the views expressed in the questionnaires, together with other feedback received form the public and relevant government bodies. There will be a further opportunity for you to consider the Neighbourhood Development Plan and eventually a public vote to approve its adoption

A timetable setting out the next steps will be uploaded in due course.


Steering Group Meetings:

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Wednesday 21 July 2021


2021-03-17 Minutes V3

2021-04-21 Approved Minutes

2021-05-19 Draft Minutes