community hall
community hall


In the 1930's, the Parish Council built a hall that has served our community for nearly 90 years until it was condemned as structurally unsafe in 2017. Since then we have had to rely on properties owned by others and we now have no space that we can call our own Community Hall.

While there has been a debate about a replacement Community Hall for the past 20 years, nothing has actually been done. Just a few months ago it was agreed by the whole Council that a Committee should be set up with the specific task of looking at the options and having an ongoing dialogue with Parishioners on this subject and get things moving.

As part of that dialogue, this section has been set up on the Poundstock Parish Council website with the specific purpose of communicating with Parishioners what is happening, why and inviting both comments and direct dialogue at either Council or Committee meetings which are open to the public.

It is important to emphasise that no decision can be taken by the Parish Council without a full consultation with the Parishioners. Whether this is to build a new hall on the old site, buy or build a hall somewhere else in the Parish or even not to have a hall at all. It is YOUR decision. The Council can only investigate what is possible and then ask YOU, the community, what you want to do.