Notice of One Vacancy in Office of Councillor


Co-Option of 1 Councillor

There is a vacancy on Poundstock Parish Council for 1 co-opted Councillor.

It is an unpaid position but allows an individual to get actively involved in maintaining and improving village life.

Are you eligible to apply?

You must be a Commonwealth/British Citizen or Euro National and be 18 years of age or over.

In addition, one of the following must apply:

be on the local electoral register

own a property or land in the area for the past 12 months

work in the parish for the last 12 months

have lived within three miles of the parish for the last 12 months.

Should you wish to apply for the post, please send in a statement identifying your experience, reasons for wanting to be considered and any special areas of interests you may have to

The existing elected Councillors will then consider the statements before making a decision at the next meeting.

The deadline for submitting a statement is noon on 05-June 2024.

For more information about this opportunity or to talk through any questions, please contact the Parish Clerk by email