This page has been created to provide up to date information for residents who may need support on advice and will be updated regularly. If you have any questions or concerns about the continuing work of Cornwall Council you can email them at

Regular updates from Cornwall Council are available from links at the bottom of this page and can be found on our Facebook page.


Due to the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak nad subsequent Government advice all Parish Council, Steering Group and Working Group Meetings have been cancelled until further notice. Special arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the business of the Council may continue, please read the Business Continuity Plan which provides information on how Poundstock Parish Council will operate, review planning applications, make payments, burial administration and more.

The situation is under constant review and we are waiting on guidance from National Association of Local Councils (NALC) regarding the possibility of holding digital meetings noting that a meeting in May is a statutory requirement (at the moment). Updates will constantly be posted on the website.


No-one in the parish should feel alone or unsupported during the Coronavirus epidemic. The Poundstock Packet is acting as a ‘Parish Hub’ to link-up people needing help and people offering it.

To offer help or ask for it, leave your details at with the following contacts and we’ll get back to you.

01288 361147 (Liz Jones, Packet Editor) or email The Packet at

01840 230697 (Steve Pawley, Parish Council Chairman) or email

To find out more about The Poundstock Hub click here.


If you have any information we can add or if something needs to be updated please email the Clerk’s Office


Life-Threatening Medical Emergency 999

NHS 111

Stratton Medical Centre – 01288 270580

Stratton Hospital Minor Injury Unit – 01288 320100

Neetside Surgery- 01288 270580


Belle Vue Pharmacy Bude – 01288 352000

Dudley Taylor Pharmacy Bude 01288 352026

Boots Pharmacy (Bude)- 01288 352906

Lloyds Pharmacy (Stratton) – 01288 355165


The Beach House Shop – Free Home Delivery – 01288 361261

Bude Food Bank – 01288 488748

Chadds Foodsmiths – 01288358074

Cornish Coasts – 01288 361380

Hilltop Farm Shop – 01840 211518

Meals on Wheels (Bude) – 01288 350850

Lansdown Dairy (Bude) 01288 352556

Refill Shop Bude – Order Here

Zyoo – 01288 358074


Bude – 01288 359255

The Crescent – 01288 352048


Penbode Pet Vets (Bude) – 01288 359500

Penbode Farm Vets (Bude) – 01288 353766

Tamar Vets (Bude) – 01288 354796


Social Prescribing Directory COVID-19

Cornwall Council – Information about Coronavirus

Cornwall Council Advice – Benefits and Coronavirus

Cornwall Council – Business Rates and Coronavirus

Cornwall Council Advice – Education and Learning Advice for Children and Families

Cornwall Council – Health and Social Care

Cornwall Council Registrar – Weddings in Cornwall

Cornwall Council – Information on Council Tax

Cornwall Council – Recycling and Collections of Rubbish and Waste

2020-04-09 Cornwall Council Covid-19 Community Tool Kit

Citizens Advice COVID-19

Notice Date: 01/04/2020